Coaches and Team Parents must complete all of the items below (Child Abuse, PA Criminal, Mandated Reporter, Heads Up).

All other Volunteers need to complete the PA Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearance.

All forms need to be turned into your team parent.

When completing the forms, please select “Volunteer” so you are not charged for processing.

If you have already completed these items within the last three years, you can provide us with copies.   They only need to be completed every three years, with the exception of the Heads Up Training which is yearly.


CHILD ABUSE CLEARANCE INSTRUCTIONS:  Go to this website and create an account, then enter all of the information required.  Once received, email results.
PA CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK:  Go to this website and complete the information, select volunteer so payment is not required.  Email results, screen shot it even if needed.
Welcome to Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History Response times for record requests labeled “UNDER REVIEW” vary depending upon the volume of requests rec…
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MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING:  Go to the link below, create the account and watch the video and answer the questions. Email me the certificate received.
HEADS UP TRAINING:  Go to the link below, enter the information, watch the video and answer the questions.  Email me certificate
Heads-Up Concussion In Youth Sports
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